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Goodbye Complexity

Redefine your approach to trace detection

Speed and Specificity

High-assurance, high-throughput direct trace analysis

High-throughput Trace Detection

High-volume direct analysis of swabs and more

solutions we provide


Mass Spec provides operational and theoretical consultancy services on all aspects of mass spectrometry and IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer) testing within our operational boundaries.

APCI Thermal Ion Sources

Mass Spec is the world’s leading developer of Thermal Extraction Ion Sources that significantly speed up workflow times by 30% or more for mass spec processes where GCMS is normally used for analysis.

Trace Explosives Detection

Mass Spec delivers a range of high-confidence explosives detection systems for a wide range of surfaces as well as high-volume air samplers suitable for containers.

Advanced technology and science, the highest standards.

Mass Spec develops high quality, versatile direct-analysis thermal ion sources for substance identification

MSA Mass Spec Analytical is a UK-based company specializing in innovative thermal extraction ion sources for mass spectrometry used in forensics, anti-terrorism, and other analytical applications. Our unique technology delivers rapid, ISO-quality results across diverse samples without extensive prep, setting us apart from competitors with cost-effective and environmentally friendly advantages. We partner with top instrument makers to directly reach a growing US$10 billion market while continuously developing next-generation solutions for wider impact.

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some success stories

Rapid Analysis of Drugs and Explosives

Canada's Border Services Agency uses the SCENTINEL® mobile mass spectrometer for the detection of concealed drugs, explosives and other substances quicker and more reliably than ever before.

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Workflow improvements through Thermal Extraction

This paper examines how the capability of using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) for the identification of substances of abuse and related compounds without the need for chromatography shortens workflows, is cost-effective and reduces environmental impact.

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