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Over 15 years ago, Mass Spec developed its first mobile mass spectrometer based detection systems called the SCENTINEL. Ahead of its time, the Scentinel was one of the first mobile mass spectrometer systems available for use by law enforcement officers, airport personnel and the military.

Scentinel II is carrying on that tradition. 

SCENTINEL® Mobile Mass Spectrometer

Scentinel II - The Trace Detection system for when you can't afford to get it wrong

Instant forensic detection for drugs and explosives

Scentinel II is a second-generation Explosive and Other Threats Trace Detection capability designed for national security applications. It provides high specificity analysis and returns near-0% false indication rates, making it suitable for high-assurance defensive search tasks. 
Scentinel II is a self-contained, small-molecule, triple-quad mass spectrometry detection system.  It can be deployed as part of a transportable laboratory, or a stand-alone system, wherever required.
Fully automatic, it can be made ready for use within 30 minutes.
Results from its dedicated end-user software require minimal interpretation, allowing operators to concentrate on sample acquisition.
It uses off-the-shelf sampling materials, a thermal desorption sample introduction, and can also be adapted for trapped vapour analysis.
Scentinel II would be a key technical asset to support any search operation.  It is designed to deliver high confidence search results for high-profile events where there is a credible security threat and the impact of delay or cancellation is significant.
Scentinel II detects trace levels of target compounds of interest including:
  • Military, plastic, commercial and home-made explosives 
  • Illicit drugs, cutting agents and metabolites
  • Chemical warfare agents
Scentinel II is also suitable for mobile forensic laboratory applications and can be configured with LC-MS equipment if required.

Download the original Scentinel Brochure


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