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Mass Spec has developed a mobile mass spectrometer based detection systems called the SCENTINEL®. Ahead of its time, the Scentinel is one of the first mobile mass spectrometer systems available for use by law enforcement officers, airport personnel and the military. 

SCENTINEL® Mobile Mass Spectrometer

SCENTINEL-3200® brings forensic lab capability to the field in a reliable, easy to operate package featuring red-light, green-light decision-making simplicity in 4 seconds

Instant forensic detection for drugs and explosives

The newest evolution of Scentinel uses the Mass Spec TEIS-3200 Thermal Extraction Ion Source with a Sciex™ 3200 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer.  The system is capable of detecting extremely small quantities of explosives or drugs (less than a billionth of a gram) and is able to identify when items in question have come into contact with illicit substances.  

By using a Thermal Extraction method, Scentinel can test a wide variety of items and surfaces without altering the integrity of the item under test. Scentinel has been deployed in a variety of scenarios for Border Protection, Customs, Prison Services, Police, National Security and other agencies for the examination of: - 

  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Public Transport
  • Public events (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Event and transport tickets
  • Bags and Packages
  • Freight
  • Banknotes / Paperwork and Clothing

The forensically acceptable results provide absolute accuracy. The rates of false positive and false negative are near to zero, especially in comparison to technologies such as ion mobility spectrometry and other screening devices. It is ideal for applications where the method requires large quantities of sample measurements in a relatively short period of time or where automation is required.

Mass Spec can provide software applications to support expert evaluation or to provide a simple red light, green light decision based upon pre-determined criteria so that operatives can use the equipment effectively in the field or production environment.  

In expert mode, real time data can be displayed on the monitor in a clear and easily understood format so that the type and levels of substance can be instantly identified. The results are recorded on the hard disc and expert review is available at a later date. Scentinel gives virtually instantaneous results once the analysis is complete.

Scentinel and the Thermal Extraction Ion Source has been peer reviewed by academics and government agencies. 

Download the Scentinel Brochure

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