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The NXT-Detect represents a paradigm shift in trace detection technology. Its unmatched performance, portability, and user-friendliness make it an ideal solution for various security, forensic, and industrial applications. With its future-proof design and adaptability, the NXT-Detect is poised to become the cornerstone of next-generation compound detection strategies.


NXT-Detect Desktop Trace Detector

NXT-Detect is a high-throughput trace detection system based on the Waters™ Radian™ mass spectrometer that combines precision with portability.

Deployable anywhere, NXT-Detect delivers instant clarity: see threats, act with confidence.

Identify explosives, drugs, and other compounds in seconds, thanks to low-nanogram sensitivity and near-zero error rates. NXT-Detect's intuitive design empowers even non-expert users with guided workflows and walk-up simplicity. Remote expert review and flexible library updates ensure the system stays ahead of evolving threats.

Key features:

  • Rapid, accurate identification of explosives, drugs, and other compounds of interest.
  • Unique ambient environment thermal source supports high-throughput analysis, results are delivered in seconds.
  • Low-nanogram detection for exceptional sensitivity.
  • Near-zero error rates for high-assurance results.
  • Desktop-sized portability for versatile deployment
  • Future-proof with easy library expansion
  • Easy-to-use Scentinel™ II software empowers non-experts.
  • Remote expert review for deeper analysis.


From security to science, NXT-Detect delivers precision trace analysis:

  • Secure: Uncover explosives, chemical threats, and more.
  • Enforce: Analyse drugs, evidence, and contraband with confidence.
  • Safeguard: Ensure food safety and quality control.
  • Optimize: Monitor production processes for trace impurities.
  • Protect: Track environmental pollutants and changes.
  • Explore: Advance learning and discovery in science fields.

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Download the NXT-Detect Product Sheet here.

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