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Thermal Extraction Ion Sources

Mass Spec has spent hundreds of man years developing the finest mass spectrometry testing hardware and introduction sampling systems available.

Now you can acquire this expertise for your own laboratory.

TEIS-XL for Sciex Turbo-V Mass Spectrometers

The Thermal Extraction Ion Source – XL (TEIS-XL) is our latest Direct Analysis Ambient Ionisation Source for Sciex Turbo-V Mass Spectrometers. It has evolved from the previous version to offer a wider range of analysis scenarios supporting larger target material samples. It is ideal for applications where the method requires a large quantity of sample measurements in a relatively short period of time or where automation is required. Direct analysis of the target material is possible with results delivered real-time.

  • Compatible with liquids, solids and gases
  • No sample preparation – source integrity preserved
  • Compatible with Sciex Turbo-V mass spectrometers

The TEIS-XL is a standalone technique - it provides a rapid ionisation technique without LC for quick identification of compounds. The key benefit of the approach is the lack of sample preparation needed – meaning that a wide variety of methods can be accommodated.

TEIS-XL simply interfaces with Sciex mass spectrometers in the exact same way as an Electrospray Ionization (ESI) or Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) probe does.

The TEIS-XL Ion Source uses Mass Spec's proven sample introduction device: a heated nickel-anodised volatilisation chamber where ambient air is continuously drawn into this space and through a ceramic transfer line into the Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI) ion source. Compounds amenable to thermal desorption may be rapidly analysed in this way without the need for any sample pre-treatment, solvents or glassware.

The source is easy to use, reliable, and uses few or no consumables. The TEIS-XL can liberate samples from a large surface area, up to 120mm wide. Coupled with the specificity afforded by a tandem mass spectrometer, the TEIS-XL can provide real time results to a forensic standard. To make designing your solution easier, Mass Spec supports several different sample introduction methods including direct analysis from liquid direct injection from an autosampler or syringe, direct analysis from sampling materials, or from vapour. 

The main difference between the TEIS-XL source and a chromatographic injection, is the time it takes for the ions to be detected in the mass spectrometer. Using TEIS-XL, the injection is detected within about 1-2 seconds (in real-time), via a direct injection without any separation. The TEIS-XL source enables rapid identification of compounds within a solid, liquid or vapour within seconds. Chromatography would require separation and sample clean-up, extending the method time to at best, a few minutes.

Mass Spec Analytical has demonstrated that compounds amenable to thermal desorption, such as many pesticides, drugs, and explosives, can be rapidly analysed in this way without the need for any sample pre-treatment, solvents, or glassware. Other applications such as drugs in sweat, oral fluids, dried blood spot testing and more have also been demonstrated; it is a very versatile ionisation source that could provide a rapid screening solution for many application areas.

The Thermal Extraction Ion Source significantly speeds up workflow times by a minimum of 30% or more for processes where GCMS is normally used for analysis. Much of the time saved is in the sample queue for analysis, which may be overnight, but there are other savings: no solvents, no glassware, no labelling of vials, no loading up the auto-sampler, no reconciling the queue with the sample list, no reconciling the results to the correct vial in the correct position, no GC columns, no special gases.  An added benefit is that the lab would be able to give virtually instantaneous results to their clients or colleagues once the analysis is complete.

Download the TEIS Product Sheet

Direct Sample Analysis Using a Thermal Extraction Ionization Source (TEIS)

Technical Features and Attributes of the MSA TEIS with a SCIEX QTRAP® System

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a widely used analytical technique for workflows requiring high levels of sensitivity and specificity. Historically, mass spectrometry has been predominantly used to support synthetic chemistry and pharmaceutical research but is nowadays becoming a standard in biotechnology, environmental research and forensic toxicology. However, traditional ion
sources currently available on mass spectrometers require samples to be prepared in a specific way for introduction, limiting their utility for direct sampling workflows.

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Ultra-Fast Identification of Drugs of Abuse

Using a Thermal Extraction Ionization Source (TEIS) Coupled with a SCIEX QTRAP 4500® System

In this technical note, SCIEX and MSA demonstrate a method combining a MSA Thermal Extraction Ionization Source (TEIS)2 coupled with a SCIEX QTRAP 4500 System is used for ultra-fast screening of drugs of abuse without the need
for chromatography or extensive sample preparation. The combined system can quickly identify unknown drugs of abuse
with a high level of confidence suitable for rapid forensic screening.

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Sciex and Mass Spec Analytical Present High Resolution QTOF and SWATH Poster at BMSS Annual Meeting

Traditional security screening techniques can report erroneous responses when based solely upon collisional cross section measurements or differential mobility. A Sciex X500R QTOF coupled with a Mass Spec TEIS Ion source running SWATH software presents an alternative approach.

Sciex and Mass Spec successfully integrated the X500R QTOF mass spectrometer with the TEIS ion source.

A poster that was presented at the BMSS Annual meeting in Manchester, September 2017, reported on the potential application of a SWATH MS/MSALL acquisition for the direct analysis of dried explosive residues.

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Rapid Identification of Drugs in Sweat Using TEIS

Our Scientific Director, Richard Sleeman, examines whether a method could be developed to detect compounds in an individual’s sweat.

Fast convenient methods to detect what drugs an individual might be taking are valuable for workplace, clinical and emergency medicine drug testing. We were recently given access to two drugs used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). We were curious to see whether these drugs were amenable to direct analysis without chromatography, utilising the Sciex API 3200 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer coupled to the TEIS Ambient ionisation source.

Our Tech Note describes a qualitative method for the detection of the two drugs.

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