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Material Authenticity Testing

In an increasingly competitive world, manufacturers and retailers have to be very careful to ensure the highest standards. Authenticity testing of raw materials and finished products for counterfeit activity ensures the highest quality for your customers and the ultimate brand protection.

Bio Fuel Analysis

Mass Spec Analytical is the world’s only provider of IRMS analysis for Biofuels.

The approach used is Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS), a technique used to distinguish between samples of chemically identical material based on the differences in the number of neutrons in the nuclei of the atoms making up a substance.

This compound-specific identification method can be used to detect the stable isotopic composition of ethanol leading to the identification of its source e.g. biological or industrial. 

Bi0-Fuels are increasingly finding application in aviation, motoring, industrial and motorsport. Our laboratory is ISO17025 approved and is the only IRMS laboratory testing biofuels available.

The process can be used for demonstrating the providence of many other vapours, liquids or materials. Contact us for more information and a consultation on your analysis needs.

Accurately testing fuel origin for use in professional racing

Mass Spec offers a method that is fast and effective at detecting the atomic structure of bio-fuel

A few years ago, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) introduced an all-new set of rules for the composition of fuels that would be accepted within their racing. From 2008, at least 5.75 percent of all fuels must contain biomatter. Whilst this move was supported by environmentalists, for the teams it created a problem; the cars had to be completely re-engineered to run biofuels. But it posed the FIA with a unique problem that concerns the very essence of the sport, how do they accurately monitor the fuel?

Synthetic and organic fuel may be incredibly alike but they are chemically distinct. By tracing the individual isotopes, IRMS technology can give an accurate understanding of how much of a fuel is comprised of biological matter (biofuel) and how much is standard petrol.

Accurate, Reliable and Transparent Fuel Testing from Mass Spec

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