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The scientists of Mass Spec are at the forefront of their science and technology; but that doesn't mean we're not accessible. We are here to consult and advise on your challenges - no matter how big or small.

Consulting services

We provide consultancy services on all aspects of mass spectrometry within our operational boundaries.

Making sure you haven't missed critical evidence can make or break a project. To ensure you have uncovered all aspects of your investigations, mass spectrometry testing will add a significant layer of proof to your work.

Mass Spec can bring our own operational and theoretical expertise to a wide variety of issues and challenges. We can guide our Client to important resources during the investigation and discovery phase of each case, and we can identify key issues, such as important safety and industrial standards, and expected standards of care. 


Our consultancy services can help you understand your project or market demands, whatever your industry or sector.

Plastic banknotes won't foil justice

Mass Spec investigates what the introduction of plastic banknotes means for trace detection of illicit drugs on money evidence

As the introduction of plastic banknotes in Scotland has begun, England awaits the much anticipated polymer £5 note in 2016. The new bank notes are said to last 2.5 times longer and are cleaner than the paper banknotes used today.

Cleaner? What does that mean for trace detection of illicit drugs and other substances on banknotes in the future?

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