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Forensic Chemistry

Our independent forensic scientists are experts in a variety of forensic investigations. 

We provide a reliable, high quality analysis and interpretation service, with rapid turnaround times at competitive prices.

Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS-MS)

Tandem mass spectrometry, also known as MS-MS, involves multiple steps of mass spectrometry selection with some form of fragmentation occurring in between the stages.

Mass Spec uses AB Sciex triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometers, which have been modified to incorporate a thermal desorption sample inlet system. The device simply heats samples to evaporate the compounds of interest, and draws the vapour into the mass spectrometer for analysis.


This equipment is ideal for ‘target compound analysis’, where specified drugs (rather than unknowns) are being looked for. The greater selectivity afforded by tandem mass spectrometry, coupled with the rapid sample introduction technique of thermal desorption, allows the system to provide high quality forensic evidence in real time without the need for chromatography.

Mass Spec Uses MS-MS for drugs and explosives trace detection projects.

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