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Mass Spec strives be in the forefront of forensic analysis; developing novel techniques whenever new challenges arise within their specialist fields.

Technology & Techniques

Mass Spec pioneered the individual banknote technique and is the only company in the UK to offer this service, applying it to the detection of traces on a vast range of samples. This technique uses innovative technology developed in-house by our highly experienced team of chemists and engineers.

Using modified, off the shelf triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, a range of sampling devices has been specially developed to tackle a number of forensic analytical challenges, including the analysis of clothing, vehicles, fabrics,boarding passes or tickets, mobile telephones and banknotes. Our trace laboratory currently houses seven triple quadrupole mass spectrometer systems, each dedicated to processing a variety of forensic samples for traces of drugs.


Mass Spec has designed and built a mobile mass spectrometer based contraband detector, which is primarily deployed for explosives detection. The Scentinel system is one of the first mobile mass spectrometer detectors to be developed in the world and is now used by law enforcement and government bodies. 

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