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Mass Spec Analytical receives UKAS accreditation for polymer banknotes

Mass Spec Analytical has been accredited by UKAS to analyse polymer banknotes for illicit drugs and other substances of interest

Mass Spec Analytical has been working in conjunction with the Bank of England and UKAS for nearly 3 years to develop a method for testing polymer banknotes that is as robust and accurate as the methods used for conventional banknotes. We have been testing the background levels of polymer in circulation in the UK since the introduction of the £5 note and that has accelerated with the introduction of the £10 note. Our polymer banknote database is now over 2500 banknotes and growing rapidly.

According to the Bank of England, polymer banknotes now represent over 30% of the banknotes in circulation in the UK by quantity so it’s important to the continuation of our important work with law enforcement organisations across the UK to offer this capability.

Mass Spec Analytical works with police forces in the UK and abroad providing forensic analysis of drugs on money and other trace detection services. To date, we’ve helped UK police forces recover over £20 million in cash from proceeds of crime cases. We offer one of the most cost and time effective forensic services for the detection of trace illicit drugs and other substances of interest. Whether it’s banknotes, clothing, vehicles, personal items like mobile phones, or just about any other surface, we can help. Unlike many other options, all work carried out by Mass Spec Analytical is court-worthy.


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