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Drugs on Money Operational Update

Mass Spec Analytical has updated its UKAS accreditation for testing bank notes and introduced a new pricing policy for testing.

This quarter we would like to tell you more about how we are putting in place a new capability to test polymer banknotes. We are the only UKAS accredited lab in the UK that can do it. Open the attached update to learn more about how we do it.

We have also revamped our pricing. Our new method looks at the quantity of bank notes to be tested as well as the complexity of the case to work-out a price that is much better value for all concerned. We think you will like the new approach that is proving to be 20 - 50% less expensive for most cases. Again,  open the attached update to learn more.

Lastly, not a lot of people know that we background check hundreds of banknotes each week to monitor illicit drug levels on banknotes in the UK. It one of the ways that we ensure that we are able to deliver the most robust evidence to our police service customers. But did you know that we completed a comprehensive, peer-reviewed paper last year looking at the distribution of cocaine on UK banknotes in circulation. You might find the results surprising - certainly the BBC Radio 4 programme 'More or Less' did when they interviewed our Scientific Director, Richard Sleeman, about it. The attached document tells you more.

Of course, we can find other things on banknotes as well. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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