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Cash Seizure under the Proceeds of Crime Act

In November 2005 officers seized £1.1 million cash. Two suspects were arrested and charged with offences contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Two bags containing approximately £270,000 cash were submitted to Mass Spec for analysis.

Analytical approach
The banknotes were analysed by MS/MS for the presence of traces of illicit drugs and a comparison was made between the seized banknotes and banknotes taken from general circulation and analysed by MSA.

The cash within one of the bags was found to be unusually contaminated with diamorphine (heroin), and the cash from the other bag was found to be unusually contaminated with THC (the active constituent of cannabis).

The two suspects pled guilty to the offences and were sentenced to four years and one year imprisonment. A confiscation order for £60,000 was also made.

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