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Meticulous detection of explosive trace materials or vapours

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Mass Spec provides operational and theoretical consultancy services on all aspects of mass spectrometry and IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer) testing within our operational boundaries.


We specialise in acquiring forensic evidence for corporations and law enforcement organisations by leveraging one of the largest databases of substance detection data in the world.

Expert Witness

The Mass Spec team of in-house experts has the necessary skills, experience and specialist knowledge to provide expert witness evidence in civil and criminal cases.

Trace Drugs Testing

Mass Spec has one of the largest databases of illicit drug contamination in the world that can identify drugs and related materials found on common items.

Trace Explosives Detection

Mass Spec delivers a range of high-confidence explosives detection systems for a wide range of surfaces as well as high-volume air samplers suitable for containers.

Advanced science, the highest standards.

When knowing the truth is all that matters

Everything around us is made up of matter. It's the subject or situation under consideration. It's what is important or significant to you right now; It's what matters.

Mass Spec is the foremost provider of forensic chemistry solutions for validating evidence, discovering traces, or proving the provenance of materials. Whether it’s a law enforcement, national security or commercial issue, Mass Spec has the science, experience and databases to undertake the forensic chemistry science required to uncover the truth.

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some success stories

Drugs on money

Our patented Drugs on Money Trace Detection System enables rapid banknote analysis for exposure to controlled substances which in turn keeps drugs worth millions off the street.

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Rapid Analysis of Drugs and Explosives

Canada's Border Services Agency uses the SCENTINEL® mobile mass spectrometer for the detection of concealed drugs, explosives and other substances quicker and more reliably than ever before.

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