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Mass Spec design and build bespoke sample introduction devices for variety of customers with different sampling requirements. 

Mass Spec's systems are suitable for the direct and fast analysis of samples, without any sample preparation or damage. 

Remote Collection

Remote forensic analysis swabbing kits for mobile phones, cars and other premises

Mobile Phone Swabbing Kits

One of the benefits of our Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometers is that we can dig out the tiniest traces of drugs or other substances of interest from the joins between the display and the case, or in charging ports, or openings for microphones or earpieces. That means we can find evidence that a straightforward swab test might miss. 

There are two ways we can help you with testing:

  1. Send the phones directly to us: This is our preferred method. Cost is £190 per phone including statement. Discounts are available for multiple items and we can provide a while-you-wait service. Bring the phones to us prior to any digital forensics are carried out so that there is less chance of cross-contamination.
  2. Request our remote testing kit: We can supply forensically-clean phone testing kits tested to be clear of any contamination at our lab. Just use the easy-to-follow instructions provided with the kit to do your own analysis of mobile phones and send the kits on to us for testing. Price for the kit is £15 each with the purchase price subtracted from the analysis cost.

Like our Drugs on Money testing, the reports we produce from mobile phones or other artifacts is admissible as evidence in any court in the UK.


Car and Premises Swabbing Kits

We can provide swabbing kits that are suitable for taking trace samples from the interiors of automobiles, or other premises. Using the same principles as the mobile phone kit, this multi-swab kit contains Paper Swabs & lint brushes that are free from contamination. They are ideal for remote & efficient sampling of large surfaces.

‘Paper-only’ and ‘single brush’ kits are also available.

Our multi-swab kits can be used to take samples in various scenarios, such as, cars, safes, premises and other items.


Contact Mass Spec for further information.



Contact Mass Spec Analytical on  +44(0)117 428 5787