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Trace Detection Laboratory and Professional Services

Mass Spec design and build bespoke sample introduction devices for variety of customers with different sampling requirements. 

Mass Spec's systems are suitable for the direct and fast analysis of samples, without any sample preparation or damage. 

Remote Collection

Mass Spec provide swabbing kits for the remote collection and transport of particulate forensic evidence including illicit drugs and explosives

The kit contains all the necessary components and materials needed to ensure an efficient recovery of residues from a suspect. Comprehensive instructions guide the user through the steps of the sampling process and act as a set of contemporaneous notes for evidence of correct sampling. Containers are provided for the transport of the samples to Mass Spec’s laboratory.


The precautions incorporated in these kits play a significant role in negating cross contamination claims arising from the sampling procedure. The quality of these kits is controlled by strict preparation and packaging processes and can be demonstrated by reference to quality control samples taken during the course of the preparation.

Contact Mass Spec for further information.

Contact Mass Spec Analytical on +44(0)117 317 3600