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Mass Spec Analytical is the world's leading authority on testing for evidence of drugs on money. We've recently added polymer banknotes to our accreditation.

In cases involving charges of Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking and/or Possession with Intent to Supply, by analysing an individual’s banknotes, we can show whether the banknotes are likely to represent the proceeds of such activity.

Mass Spec Analytical has the largest ongoing database of sterling banknotes in the world, with both paper and polymer banknotes taken from general circulation. This information is used by our scientists to compare with results obtained from sampling exhibits. We work with independent statisticians to study our background work and together we publish peer-reviewed papers with the findings.

By analysing each banknote individually, a greater understanding of the spread of contamination is achieved. Using a real time trace analysis technique, Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS), the scientist can see the results as each banknote is analysed real-time.

Exhibits are not destroyed. Items can be introduced directly into the instrument or sampled indirectly without damage. We can also preserve exhibits for fingerprint, or other forms of analysis.

MSA Q318 Operational Update

Latest developments from our forensic lab

Mass Spec Analytical has been busy putting in place a new capability to test polymer banknotes. We are the only UKAS accredited lab in the UK that can do it. The update below will tell you more as well as introduce you to our new pricing scheme.

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