Quality Assurance

In an increasingly competitive world, manufacturers and retailers have to be very careful to ensure the highest standards. Authenticity testing of raw materials and finished products for counterfeit activity ensures the highest quality for your customers and the ultimate brand protection.

Quality Assurance

Economic pressures lead many companies to non-ethical practices including the dilution or substitution of raw materials or components.

When one of these companies is a supplier, they can inflict substantial damage on your brand.

Mass Spec offers clients we offer our clients isotope ratio mass spectrometry analysis that can be used across a wide range of isotope analysis. These are available for a wide range of applications including:

  • Analysis of ingredients in resins – both for raw and finished materials
  • Geographical origin testing for food products
  • Substitution of ingredients (i.e. adding sugar to fermented drinks)




Authenticity testing is a valuable addition to your existing QA procedures and can further protect your company’s brands and reputation.

Our laboratory is ISO17025 approved and we have many unique processes and accreditations for the testing of Biofuels, plastics, etc. Our IRMS  process can be used to evaluate all of the topics listed above and others.

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