In an increasingly competitive world, manufacturers and retailers have to be very careful to ensure the highest standards. Authenticity testing of raw materials and finished products for counterfeit activity ensures the highest quality for your customers and the ultimate brand protection.

Food Origin

Whether testing food for authenticity or chemical contaminants, fast reliable testing of food and preparation environments is increasingly important today.

Producers and Retailers of food products today cannot be too careful: contaminants in food can lead to acute and potentially life-threatening health risks.

Unscrupulous suppliers are mislabelling, even lying about the source and composition of meat, fish, vegetables and other food types.

Testing the authenticity and geographical origin of food ensures customers are getting what they expect and are paying for. It also protects brands from damaging product controversies.

Stories of food distributors and retailers being caught-out by supply-chain shortcomings or counterfeit goods are increasingly in the news nowadays and can have devastating effects on the brand loyalty of a product or retailer.

Mass Spec has a range of food testing solutions to assist food suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies to test food products for chemical contaminants or residues, or profiling food for allergen content or authenticity. 

Our food testing solutions are optimised to identify and quantify hundreds of chemical contaminants and residues quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

Mass Spec can also pinpoint the origin of food types using internationally accepted databases and the very latest mass isotope testing techniques.

Our laboratory is ISO17025 approved and is one of the few IRMS laboratories testing food provenance available.

Contact us to see how an inexpensive programme of regular tests can protect your organisation from hundreds of millions in lost business or damages.