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Advisory Expert Services

The scientists of Mass Spec are at the forefront of their science and technology; but that doesn't mean we're not accessible. We are here to consult and advise on your challenges - no matter how big or small.

Expert Witness

Mass Spec provide a reliable, cost effective, and efficient service to civil and criminal defence solicitors.

This service is provided by Mass Spec’s team of experts, each of whom has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to provide expert witness evidence in a wide range of civil and criminal cases.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Police use of Itemiser/Ion-scan IMS technology for Screening (Drugs/Banknotes/Vehicles/Premises)
  • Drug detection on items and surfaces
  • Plastics/materials testing (provenance)
  • Food provenance testing
  • Blood Alcohol Analysis
  • Plastics, tape & packaging matching
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Bio-Fuel 

Mass Spec provide analytical services for each of the areas of expertise as well as fact and opinion based evidence. This flexibility allows our experts to provide an in-depth analysis of the evidence provided by the defense or prosecution. Using the company’s extensive knowledge and databases, Mass Spec experts can provide expert witness evidence on a wide range of exhibits types analysed by other laboratories, or by the Police.

Please refer to the Our Expertise page for detailed descriptions of our team of experts and their specialised skills.

Likelihood Ratios

Guilty or Not Guilty?

When evaluating evidence for use in a court of law, evidential data are presented together with two competing propositions which may account for this data: one from the prosecution and one from the defence. The aim of the court is to evaluate which of the two propositions is more likely. In other words, is the probability of the prosecution hypothesis given the evidence bigger than the probability of the defence hypothesis given the evidence? Dr. Richard Sleeman, Scientific Director weighs-up the odds that likelihood ratio's are here to stay.

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