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Advisory Expert Services

The scientists of Mass Spec are at the forefront of their science and technology; but that doesn't mean we're not accessible. We are here to consult and advise on your challenges - no matter how big or small.


The foundation of Mass Spec Analytical is providing the very best forensic evidence to law enforcement agencies.

Mass Spec specialises in acquiring forensic evidence for corporations and law enforcement organisations. Clients utilise our academic know-how, 20 years of successful conviction experience and one of the largest databases of substance detection data to prove their case. 

Mass Spec has extensive experience working on behalf of both the prosecution and defence as well as corporations. 

In doing this for 20 years and contributing to a large number to successful results, our methods have become the standard that others are measured by.


We have built some of the largest databases of substance detection data and have contributed to numerous academic studies. We can use this know-how and experience to evaluate any related study or process. 

All of our scientists have acted as expert witnesses on numerous occasions and are directly involved in report writing.

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Designer Drugs

Designer drug detection variants still detectable

Selling or possessing mephedrone and methylone, also known as "miaow" and "plant food", was made illegal in 2010. Variations on these drugs have surfaced recently but can be detected quickly using Mass Spectrometry.

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