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(When) it really matters to know

Forensic chemistry opens new avenues to evidence and provenance discovery

Crime scene investigations and corporate product authenticity testing have a lot in common: They both require reliable identification of materials and contaminants across a wide range of materials, liquids, gases and surfaces.  
Mass Spec vast experience, processes and procedures can identify the identity and nature of materials and where applicable, identify the cause of degradation or failure, system contamination or corrosion and provide expert advice based upon the findings.
Mass Spec's approach is to look at the atoms that go into making up various materials, (such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen or oxygen), Mass Spec is able to create an isotopic fingerprint of a sample and analyse other materials and samples for a match.  Samples taken from the same source will have the same isotopic fingerprint.
Mass Spec is also able to perform classification by chemical composition (using infra-red spectroscopy) and physical dimensions to assess similarities. 
A key application for these systems is the detection of trace samples of controlled substances on banknotes and trace samples of explosives across a range of surfaces. Mass Spec has the world’s largest database of banknotes meaning that our patent protected rapid drug detection techniques can easily identify ‘drug money’ compared to normal levels of drugs on banknotes in circulation. The system can also analyse drugs or explosives traces from hundreds of surface types, including clothing, vehicles and mobile phones.
Mass Spec’s team is able to provide expert testimony on the comparison, matching, contamination or geographic provenance of materials.