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Mobile Mass Spectrometer

Since its inception, Mass Spec has continued the innovative use of mass spectrometry in forensics, enabling a breakthrough in 1996 when the company launched the individual banknote analysis technique in the UK court system.


Border Security

Government agencies across the globe continuously evaluate security equipment, which is employed in Drugs and Explosives detection applications.

The Mass Spec Scentinel system  is highly efficient for a range of explosives and that the results it produces are quantitative (i.e. the instrument response is directly proportional to the amount of explosive present). The analysis undertaken by the Scentinel takes a few minutes compared to the many hours required for conventional analysis and that no sample pre-treatment is required (no solvents, no derivatisation, or filtration).

The Scentinel is designed and manufactured by Mass Spec and is based on a AB Sciex triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer, which has been modified to incorporate a thermal desorption sample inlet system. The device simply heats samples to evaporate the compounds of interest, and draws the vapour into the mass spectrometer for analysis. 

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