Mass Spec design and build bespoke sample introduction devices for variety of customers with different sampling requirements.

Mass Spec's systems are suitable for the direct and fast analysis of samples, without any sample preparation or damage. 

Vapour Testing

Airborne particle and vapour introduction unit

Mass Spec has designed and built a range of filter desorber units for the collection, trapping, and rapid desorption of vapour samples. Filters of various diameters and thicknesses are available for a range of vapour (and airborne particulate) detection applications.

Filters are available in a range of support media (paper, fabric, metal, glass, etc.) and can be coated to enhance trapping efficiency. Filter pellets are available containing a variety of sorbent types (tenax, carbotrap, molecular sieves, etc.). 

Maximum signal to noise is achieved by delivering the trapped analytes into the analytical device (mass spectrometer) as rapidly as possible. In Mass Spec’s patented filter desorber, air or nitrogen is pre-heated and passed rapidly through the filter or pellet to effect efficient desorption.