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Forensic science can be simply defined as the application of science to the law.  Forensic evidence includes physical traces which might be useful for establishing or excluding an association between someone suspected of committing a crime and the scene of the crime or victim.

Mass Spec provides training to law enforcement agencies and corporations in forensic techniques related to Mass Spec sevices

Training & Education

Mass Spec experts can provide forensic training and education at all levels.

During these presentations and seminars we typically discuss the various aspects of trace and bulk drug analysis, our latest Research & Development in advanced forensic analysis, and the evidential value we can provide in cases, as well as providing training on the seizure and handling of exhibits. Topic areas include:

  • Trace Detection of Drugs on Banknotes or Documents
  • Trace Detection of Drugs on Counting Machines
  • Plastics, Tape, Clingfilm and Drugs Matching
  • Trace Detection of Drugs on Clothing
  • Trace Detection of Drugs in Vehicles
  • Trace Detection of Drugs on Mobile Telephones
  • Trace Detection of Drugs in Premises
  • Civil and Criminal Casework Examples
  • Scenes of Crime Sample Collection
  • Advice on Handling Exhibits
  • Packaging Matching using Physical and Chemical Methods

The type of presentation or seminar we can give to your team can be tailored depending on the area of interest and most importantly we will focus on the evidential value that our evidence could provide to your cases.

This is something we do at no cost to you and we can travel to all locations in the UK.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us through this website, or call us directly to arrange a convenient time and date.

Contact Mass Spec Analytical on +44(0)117 317 3600