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cashmachine300-(1).jpgA person who has contact with bulk quantities of drugs can spread drugs traces to their environment and belongings through direct and indirect contact. Testing personal items for drugs traces can establish a link between that person and drug related activities.

MSA’s versatile analysis methods allow a wide range of exhibit types and items to be tested reliably and quickly for the presence of a number of drugs simultaneously.

By using our direct analysis approach, all exhibit types can be processed without the use of solvents, complicated extraction procedures, or damage.

Examples of the items MSA has analysed for UK Police forces and Customs include presses, microwave ovens, computers, bags/briefcases, weighing scales, remote controls, banknote counting machines, nail clippings, credit cards, and vacuum cleaners.

MSA experts can easily establish the presence of drugs in a building or property, by testing the contents of vacuum cleaners that have been seized there.

The company has extensive experience in analysing counting machines from legitimate businesses such as Banks and Casino’s. Counting machines can also be seized in cases involving drugs and money laundering.

MSA’s experts are able to determine the difference between counting machines, which have been used to count general circulation banknotes and counting machines, which have been used to count money unusually contaminated with drugs.

MSA evidence on the analysis of personal items and items such as counting machines has been used in a wide variety of cases, from simple possession with intent to supply cases through to high profile money laundering and trafficking cases.

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