Trace drug analysis

Mobile telephones

Mobile telephones are ubiquitous in modern society and are frequently used by drug dealers in conducting their business. Therefore they have the potential to become exposed to illicit drugs.

A suspect may not be in personal possession of any drugs at the time of arrest, so establishing an association with drugs through items, such as mobile phones, that are in their possession can be vital. Phones change hands infrequently, and are likely to be more strongly linked to one specific individual or to a small group of individuals.

Mobile phones have numerous crevices in which traces of drugs may accumulate and it is from here that MSA extract detritus for testing.

Our team of experts can quickly assess the distribution and amount of contamination detected on the mobile telephone. Each mobile telephone can be processed at MSA in under 20 mins, allowing immediate results to be communicated to the submitting Officers.

MSA is the only laboratory who attempts to put trace drugs evidence found on mobile telephones into context; going beyond a simple reporting of detection to determining the significance of the finding of drugs.

MSA experts are able to compare the results from a seized telephone with results from telephones sourced from drug users, law enforcement officers, mobile network providers, charity bins, etc. The company has amassed data, which forms the only known study of drugs on mobile telephones. From this, MSA is able to say when a telephone has a greater than expected distribution of drugs.

MSA’s evidence of drugs traces on mobile telephones has been successfully used in a number of cases, including those relating to drug trafficking, conspiracy to supply, as well as in murder charges associated with drug related crimes.

Mobile telephones are frequently seized for the electronic evidence that can be obtained. Why not bring them to MSA first, for our fast, effective service at no extra charge? Our technique is not detrimental to further analyses such as fingerprinting and data retrieval.

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