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MSA has been employed by the majority of the UK Police Forces to perform forensic analyses and to provide expert witness evidence. MSA experts have also given expert evidence in courts in Gibraltar, Germany and Holland. Police Forces in the Caribbean use our forensic services for casework involving currency, bulk drugs, plastics, tapes and packaging. The company currently provides contracted forensic services to HMRC and the UK Border Agency, analysing currency for illicit drugs.

The company enjoys an international reputation based on R & D work performed on behalf of a number of companies and British, Canadian, Japanese and US government agencies; including Exxonmobil, BP, Petrochem Carless Ltd., Du Pont (UK) Ltd, The BBC, Shimadzu (SPI) Inc., Battelle, Fédération Internationale de L'Automobile, ICTS Europe Holdings B.V, MDS SCIEX Inc., P & G Services Company NV/SA, 1st Detect, BAE Systems (Advanced Technology Centre), The News of the World, Canada Border Services Agency, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Transport Canada.

MSA is the approved laboratory for the analysis of Formula 1 motor racing biofuels and is contracted to provide the FIA analytical services throughout the racing season.

The company has strong links with university groups throughout the UK and has supported many BSc, MSc and PhD projects. These research projects have resulted in the publication of postgraduate theses and several peer reviewed papers.

Latest news

Rapid Analysis of Drugs and Explosives

Government agencies across the globe are continuously evaluating security equipment used for Drugs and Explosives detection applications, which is a very expensive and time-consuming process. So we were very pleased to see in a recent paper by Tam et al that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has advocated the use of the Mass Spec Analytical ‘Scentinel’ system to massively reduce the time required to obtain results.

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Drug menace off the streets

A significant, longstanding figure within the drug dealing fraternity in Scotland has recently been found guilty by a majority verdict.

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Case study spotlight

Drug Trafficking/Money Laundering Operation: Drugs on money

The Operation was a long running international drug smuggling operation resulting in the seizure of more than 12 tons of controlled drugs with an estimated street value in excess of £61 million.

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